Phone System Services


We are an authorized reseller for  Allworx phone and networking solutions providing communications without  compromise for small to medium businesses.  

High end calling features: 


Audited outside line   access

Call blocking

Call forward and transfer

Call hold

Call monitors

Call park and retrieve

Call pickup

Call queuing

Call routing

Caller ID

Call waiting

Dial by name or extension 

Distinctive ring

Do not disturb

External call diversion

Flexible numbering plan

Hunt groups

Internal extension distinctive ring

Multiple line access
Overhead paging
Parking orbits
Programmable parked calls
Prepending digits
Private lines
Speed dialing
TAPI support

High Speed Internet Connections

 We furnish internet and voice   services providing two-way SIP trunks, T-1 and DSL access from AT&T, PAETEC,  Qwest, Sprint, Verizon, XO, Nuvox, and Bandwidth. 

Data System Services


  • Coordinating communications between multiple  vendors
  • Installing and supporting client-server & pier-to-pier  networks
  • System data backups and disaster recovery plans
  • Finding the source of computer problems and  repairing them
  • Internet connectivity and firewall installations
  • E-mail and website support and development
  • Virus software installation and support
  • Computer hardware service and repair
  • Software training
  • Implementing VPNs

Cable Installation and Speed Certification


  • Certify CAT5,  CAT5E, and CAT6 cables to be IEEE compliant to 1 gigabyte speed for all ethernet systems
  • Test to TIA 568/570 interconnect standards
  • Test coax, telephone, audio, and security cables
  • Qualify VoIP lines

Asset Recovery and Disposition

 With the  advent of digital telephony equipment, and particularly with the Internet and  other media for data transmission, there exists an increasingly fine line  between telephony and computing. Because of this, our team is skilled in both  disciplines and can handle asset recovery and disposition of everything from an  entire central office to a single PC monitor, and we do so in a fully  EPA-compliant environment, capable of safely handling virtually all the common  telephony HAZMAT materials (lead, PCB, mercury, krypton, bromide, etc.)  We  are devoted to maintaining a healthy environment for your community, another  example of our continuing commitment to excellence.